Terms and Conditions


Customers personal information will not be sold or distributed to any other entities for any reason.  We will not sell anything pertaining to your personal information or identity.


Refund Policy:

We do give a 100% refund to the customer if requested by the customer at anytime past our ETA given to them after they have made the payment to start services.  The ETA and TAT (turnaround time) given is to cover the customer receiving previews of the product, not finalized designs.

The refund is to cover a client that has not been issued any proof of work towards the product(s), because it shows lack of agreement / promise.  Once the customer has been issued a Web Design preview or any Graphic Mock-Ups / Designs the first payment (deposit) refund policy is not valid.

The final / second payment isn’t refundable after the revisions begin. Meaning an email or dialogue with proof of edits / changes / revisions have been made on the job. Proof must be clearly given of this action as well from us. But, that does stop any refund on second payments once we provide it to the client. It protects any time / effort applied to the client’s job.


Resuming Abandoned Projects / Jobs:

We do resume jobs for clients, but there is a $200 fee for continuing / resuming an abandoned website design or graphic design job.  The fee is applied after no communication has been initiated from the client for 30 or more days.  There are no exceptions for this fee.



The customer owns each design issued to them, and can use it for any commercial use.

(These terms and conditions have been updated on 06/8/2021 and will continue to be updated and dated accordingly.)

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